Lean Press makes Risograph art prints and ephemera in Omaha, NE.


Risograph prints one color at a time with eco-friendly ink made from rice bran oil. We are currently printing in:

Black – #000000 – PMS BLACK U

Metallic Gold – #AC936E – PMS 872 U

Federal Blue – #3D5588 – PMS 288 U

Blue – #0078BF – PMS 3005 U

Aqua – #5EC8E5 – PMS 637 U

Green – #00A95C – PMS 354 U

Yellow – #FFE800 – YELLOW U

Fluorescent Orange – #FF7477 – PMS 805 U

Bright Red – #F15060 – PMS 185 U

Fluorescent Pink – #FF48B0 – PMS 806 U


Max paper size: 11″ x 17″ (Tabloid / Ledger)
Max printable area: 10.5″ x 16.5″

We can print on a variety of uncoated paper stocks. Please contact for a list of what is currently available, or if you have a specific paper we can source for you!



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